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Did you buy something recently that you discovered was broken when you got home? Have you been charged for services that you’ve not received? We can help and advise you with: problems with goods; issues with services; problems with vehicles; disputes with retailers; negotiating with traders; information and help with contracts and complaints. Possibly you’ve had problems with health treatment or costs, or you need to complain about standards of care. We can also help you if you think you’ve paid Payment Protection Insurance without your permission or knowledge − and you can be sure that our help, unlike that of the law firms which advertise on TV, is absolutely FREE!


The following are examples of how we helped two business_name clients resolve their consumer problems. Because our service is strictly confidential, we have changed their names. We have also changed the names of the companies concerned, but the cases were genuine.

  • Blodwyn D, a retired lady whose sole income was her state pension, saw advertised on TV by XXX Luggage, a folding shopping trolley that she thought would be extremely useful. It was offered at a special low price of £14.95, so Blodwyn went on to the company’s website, filled in her details as was required, and paid for it by debit card. The trolley duly arrived by courier a few days afterwards and Blodwyn was very pleased with the trolley.

    A few weeks later, Blodwyn’s bank statement arrived by post, and while she saw the £14.95 to XXX Luggage had duly been debited to her account, she was mystified by an amount of £99.99 from a company called YYY Holidays that had also been debited. She had never heard of this company, much less bought anything from them. However, in the same post were a number of direct mailing shots, and in one of them was a large brochure from YYY Holidays, together with a letter thanking Blodwyn for joining their ‘holiday club’ and to inform her that an annual membership fee of £99.99 had been debited to her bank account.

    Very worried, Blodwyn decided to search the internet to see if anyone else had been scammed in the same way, as she had no idea how YYY Holidays had got hold of her details. She discovered that YYY Holidays appeared to have been scamming people in this way for over two years and that the one constant was that all the victims had bought goods from XXX Luggage. Most had never received their money back. So Blodwyn decided to see if we could help as her bank had said there was nothing they could do.

    Blodwyn’s problem was, as it happened, very speedily solved. Fortunately there was a telephone number on the letter from YYY Holidays, so we phoned them on her behalf, explained that Blodwyn had never even heard of them, let alone joined their ‘holiday club’ or authorised any payment for membership and we asked them to provide proof that she had done so, which they couldn’t, and demanded that they refund her as soon as possible, to which they agreed. Two days later, Blodwyn saw that the £99.99 had been returned to her bank account.

  • Jonathan M bought a chest freezer from a local appliance retailer, Q Fridges & Washing Machines. He paid £250 for the freezer and it was delivered and installed by Q&FWM in a few days. After allowing the freezer to operate for 24 hours as per the instructions, Jonathan filled it with over £150 of food and then went away on holiday for a week. On his return he discovered that the freezer had broken down and the food had defrosted and all gone bad. Jonathan immediately contacted the retailer and said that he wanted a refund for the freezer as well as compensation for the food. However, Q&FWM said that they were only obliged to send the freezer back to the manufacturer for repairs as it was their responsibility and that they weren’t liable to pay him for the ruined food, so Jonathan came to us for advice.

    We were able to tell Jonathan that his statutory rights had been breached as the goods bought should have been of satisfactory quality and free from minor defects and that he was within his rights to demand a refund as his claim was against the retailer and not the manufacturer. In addition, we pointed out that he could claim for the loss of the food since he could claim all financial losses which were reasonably foreseeable, as was the case. Armed with this information, Jonathan went back to Q&FWM who refunded him for the freezer and, because he had kept his invoices, paid him out for the spoilt food.

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