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Money Issues & Debt Relief Orders (DROs)

If you’re having money problems, we’re the people to help. Our Money Advisers (who are Members, or Accredited Members, of the Institute of Money Advisers® and, as such, follow a strict Code of Practice) are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all the problems and pitfalls you might come across. And remember, while you will get the best possible advice, that advice is both impartial, confidential and FREE. So …

We can help you organise your money and budget so that you won’t get into debt by helping you work out where your money goes and how you can spend less.

We can help you get out of debt (and stay out of debt) with a Debt Management Plan which means that we can help you maximise your income and negotiate with your creditors so that you can pay off your debts over time and still live a reasonable life. We can also advise you on Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy and, what’s more, we are the only local organisation with Authorised Intermediaries for Debt Relief Orders (DROs). (A DRO is an alternative to bankruptcy that can help you deal with certain types of debt if a) you do not own your own home; b) have little spare income; have little chance of your financial situation improving.)


The following are examples of how we helped two business_name clients with their debt problems and enabled them to regain control of their lives. As our service is totally confidential, their names have been changed.

  • Mr Herber came to Advice Mid Wales with a bill he had not paid and had received a final demand. However, we established that this was not Mr Herber’s only outstanding debt – he also owed money on his mortgage, council tax and electricity, all of which are high priority debts which left unpaid could have resulted in the loss of his home and in court actions against him. He was understandably worried and had no idea how he could resolve his predicament since he did not have the funds to settle the debts.

    After getting all the necessary information from the client, one of our specialist money advisers was able to negotiate with Mr Herber’s creditors, giving Mr Herber a budgeting plan which enabled him to pay off his debts over a period of time.

  • Hettie’s husband, Rhodri, had left her three months previously and had gone to live overseas and would not be paying any maintenance for her or the children. Hettie lived in a council house with her two young children and was claiming Income Support because she was not in paid work. She came to the Centre for advice about a number of debts she was struggling with: rent (the house was in both her and her husband’s names), council tax, a credit card that was in her husband’s name, as well as two catalogue repayments which were in her name. She had no savings or capital.

    Advice Mid Wales was able to help Hettie in a number of ways. First, we negotiated on her behalf with the local authority who agreed that her arrears for rent and council tax should be half the total joint arrears, with her arrears payments set at an affordable amount. Because Hettie was on Income Support, all her future rent would be paid through Housing Benefit and 100 per cent of her Council Tax would also be paid. We also advised Hettie that, while she was not responsible for her husband’s credit card debt, she was responsible for the catalogue repayments and we helped her work out a repayment plan, working within her budget, that was acceptable to the catalogue companies.


Come to us and let us give you that helping hand.