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Problems at work? Have you been given the sack unfairly or been made redundant? Do you perhaps have a small business and need to know your legal rights and responsibilities? We can help you sort out your problems with these and other issues such as: equal pay; maternity and paternity rights; disputes over pay; establishing employment status; family-friendly rights; contract problems and employment tribunal procedures. So stop worrying and come in and see us.


The following are examples of how we helped two Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre clients with their employment problems. Because our service is strictly confidential, we have changed their names.

  • Hywel worked at a small, local carpentry factory for five years. When he came to us he had just found out that his employer was about to close the local factory and move his business to an industrial park 15 miles away. While Hywel’s job was safe, he had no transport of his own and his home was not on a good route for public transport. Hywel wanted to know if his employer could just expect him to move with him with the extra time and costs involved.

    First, we established that Hywel enjoyed his job, had no problems with his boss and wanted to continue working for him. So he wasn’t keen on the options of his resigning and claiming unfair dismissal or going to an employment tribunal. However, Hywel had no written employment contract so there was no breach of contract or mention of changes in place of work or transfer of business that he could check for guidance. Our advice was that Hywel should speak to his employer, face to face, tell him of his problems with moving and negotiate on travel times and costs. We also recommended that Hywel should ask his employer to give him a written contract (or letter of appointment) setting out his pay, his hours, holiday entitlement and any ‘perks’ such as bonuses. Shortly afterwards Hywel let us know that he and his boss had come to an amicable agreement.

  • Johanna, aged 54, came to Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre the day after she had been made redundant by the small, family-owned guest house in which she had been working as a cleaner for the past eleven years. She was told that the guest house was about to go into liquidation, and while she had been given her last month’s wages, they could not afford to give her any redundancy pay.

    Because Johanna had worked at the guest house for more than two years, we were able to tell her that although she wasn’t getting redundancy pay from her employers, she was entitled to claim statutory redundancy pay – a payment that is not taxable. We worked out that, as she was over 41, she was entitled to 1.5 week’s pay for each year she had worked for the guest house (which came to 16.5 weeks). In addition, we helped Johanna claim this payment from the National Insurance Fund.

Come to us and let us give you that helping hand.