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Are you a tenant who has problems with your landlord? Are you unsure what your tenancy agreement involves? Are you facing eviction because of rent arrears? Are you a landlord with tenants from hell? Are you a homeowner in arrears with your mortgage? Are you homeless or living in a hostel? Do you qualify for immediate social housing? We can help you with these and many other issues and problems.


The following are examples of how we helped Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre clients with their housing problems. As our service is strictly confidential, the names of our clients have been changed.

  • When they came to us for advice, Phoebe and Alan and their small baby had been living rent free in a caravan on Alan’s uncle’s farm for the previous six months. Alan was helping his uncle, who owned the caravan, to run the farm. All was fine during the summer, but it was now winter and the caravan was damp and difficult to heat. Water, washing facilities and the toilet were in an annex across the field. The baby was suffering from bronchitis and their doctor told Phoebe and Alan that they needed to move as a matter of urgency. As a low-paid farm labourer, Alan couldn’t afford the high rent of a private house tenancy, and he and Phoebe wanted to know if there was a chance of them getting local authority housing.

    We were able to assure Phoebe and Alan that, because the caravan was not fit for occupation and was affecting their baby’s health and, indeed, because they had a dependent child, they were in priority need for social housing. We contacted the local authority on their behalf and shortly after they were able to move into flat within a reasonable distance of the farm.

  • Mr and Mrs Thomas came to Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre for help. They had moved into their private rented house five years previously and had signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement with their landlord for a fixed period of twelve months. The landlord had renewed this agreement each year, the last time only two months previously. Two days before they came to see us for help, the landlord gave Mr and Mrs Thomas a handwritten note giving them one month’s notice.

    We were able to assure Mr and Mrs Thomas that, legally, as Assured Shorthold tenants their landlord could not give them notice until the end of their current twelve month agreement. There were no special grounds that would have enabled their landlord to evict Mr and Mrs Thomas – they had always been up to date with their rent, had looked after the property, had never caused any kind of nuisance – and neither was it legal for the landlord to give them a handwritten note! On their behalf, we contacted the Thomas’s landlord and explained the position to him. He had wanted to move his brother and family into the house but, fortunately being a reasonable man, he agreed that he would have to wait until such time as the tenancy expired.

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