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Advice Mid Wales
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Through our tactful intervention, and without alienating them, JG's new neighbours' continually barking dogs were kept under control.

In this often highly emotional area, our advice and help is both sensitively handled, impartial and totally confidential. Has your relationship broken down and you’re unsure of your rights? Is your partner abusing you? Are you a father being denied your visiting rights? Come to us for help and advice on: parental responsibility; divorce; relationship breakdown; disputes and children; child support; domestic violence and finding specialist legal help if necessary. We can also help if you’ve had a bereavement (death) in the family and need our help with the sometimes complex issues involved. So don’t wait and worry, come and see us now.

There's also no doubt that some of the most distressing and difficult-to-resolve problems are disputes between neighbours or within a community.

Feelings run high and may have been building up over weeks or years as people try to defend their property or quality of life. Anger or fear can make direct negotiation difficult or impossible. Problems include noise, litter, gardens, parking, pets and children. In extreme cases there may be criminal behaviour or damage requiring the intervention of the police and courts but most often the situation can only be resolved by the parties understanding each other and agreeing to compromise. Our trained advisers help clients talk through the problems to see them from different angles and understand the implications of different courses of action. We can then help develop strategies for approaching the neighbours, ideally to improve the situations without further damage to the relationships.

Subject to, the agreement of both parties, we can also signpost you towards a mediation service.


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