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Do you have a low income (or even none at all)? Do you have health problems and/or a disability that stops you from working? Do you have difficulty paying the rent and council tax? Are you worried about exactly what benefits you can claim, especially since changes to health benefits have come into force. Are you a pensioner finding it impossible to make ends meet? Are you caring for someone getting Persona Independence Payment? No money for certain necessities? Whatever your problem, we can do a Benefits check for you, we can help you apply for them and, what’s more, should your claim be turned down, we can assist you to appeal when appropriate.

These are some of the Benefits we can help you with: • Income Support and Job Seekers’ Allowance (IBJSA or JSA) • Employment Support Allowance (ESA) • Statutory Sick Pay • Maternity Allowance • State Retirement Pension and Pension Credit • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) • Attendance Allowance • Carer’s Allowance • Working Tax Credit • Child Tax Credit • Housing Benefit • Council Tax Benefit • Crisis Loans • Community Care Grants/budgeting loans • Bereavement and/or funeral payments

Our advisors require as much information as possible, so please bring with you all the necessary paperwork relevant to your issue. If you don't it could take much longer to get the help you need, and it's particularly vital if you only have a short time to take a certain action.


We helped IR to get incomes-based JSA as well as Housing and Council Tax Reduction to top up his family's income.


With our help BE was awarded PIP, higher rate to qualify her for a Motability car.


In May 2016 the Universal Credit (UC) full service for all claimant types began to rollout nationally (beyond London). An updated schedule was produced in February 2018 due to changes being made to the DWP Jobcentre network and following the 2017 Autumn Budget.

For people who are over 16 and under state pension age, rollout of the UC full service is due to complete in December 2018. After the rollout process has completed, DWP will then begin moving all remaining existing benefit claimants to the UC full service starting in 2019. They plan to complete this process by March 2022.

UC is due to be introduced in Powys and Gwynedd during September 2018 and Ceredigion in October 2018 for new claimants (and to all existing claimants in 2019) UC is a single benefit that takes the place of Income Support; Jobseeker's Allowance; Employment and Support Allowance; Housing Benefit; Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.

* Please note that we cannot give you Legal or Immigration advice. We do, however, direct you to those who can.


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