Advice Mid Wales

Advice Mid Wales
The Care Centre
Forge Road
SY20 8EQ

Tel: 01654 700192


  • Q. As I'm working during the week, can I see an adviser outside of drop-in hours?
  • A. Yes. Please phone or email us and an adviser will make an appointment to see you at a time convenient to both.
  • Q. I have some forms that I need to fill in but I can't understand them. Can you do it for me?
  • A. Yes, we can indeed. We'll also explain them to you so you fully understand them.
  • Q. I am disabled and can't leave my house. Do you do home visits?
  • A. We do. We also do hospital visits when necessary. Simply phone us to make a mutually convenient appointment.
  • Q. We live in a small town and I don't want everyone to know my business.
  • A. Our service is strictly confidential and you can be sure that, unless you say otherwise, nobody – not even family members – will know that you have consulted us.
  • Q. I have a problem with my neighbour and need your advice. What happens if he comes to you wanting advice as well?
  • A. We can only advise and/or represent one party in a dispute and that is the person who came to us first.
  • Q. Is the advice you give me legally binding?
  • A. We are not solicitors and therefore any advice we give you is not legally binding. All our advisers are, however, highly trained in advocacy so you can rest assured that you will be in the best possible hands.


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